What is Geoportal

The Geoportal is a web based geographical portal (Geoportal) through which a number of geographical information of Egnatia Odos S.A. is presented and interacts with other information systems inside the organization. The system can be used by Public Carriers and the general public.

The Geoportal consists of two WebGIS subsystems:

The 1st Subsystem is addressed to the general public and displays Egnatia Odos Motorway and the Vertical Axis as part of the wider road network of Northern Greece. It has capabilities for find route analysis, changing basemaps according with the scale display, through a simple to use interface. The user can find useful information along the Motorway such as tolls, touristic places, parking etc. Also there is an option to print maps and execute queries to retrieve all available information from the related databases.

The 2nd Subsystem shows the available records of the geographical databases in a 3D panoramic imagery environment, with analytical information. Users of the 2nd Subsystem are the technical stuff Of Egnatia S.A., Public Carriers like the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping & Tourism and regional Districts.

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