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The Highway “Egnatia Odos”

Egnatia Odos is the highway that crosses along Northern Greece from the port of Igoumenitsa (West) to Kipoi (East) to the Greek/Turkish borders. It has a total length of 670 km and was constructed as a closed highway of international specifications, with two lanes, an emergency lane (LEA) in each one of them and a central reservation (dividing strip). Egnatia Odos is one of the biggest road works that constructed in Europe the last years. It’s a project of high importance for the development of the Regions that crosses and the connection of the country with the Balkans and Southeast Europe. Egnatia Odos is includedin the priority projects of the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN).

Vertical Roads

The Vertical Roads of Egnatia Odos, as parts of the Paneuropean Corridors, ensures the link of Greece with the Balkan countries and Europe. The Vertical Roads connect Egnatia Odos with Albania (Tirana), Bulgaria (Sofia, Haskovo, Burgas) and FYROM (Skopje). After the completion of these roads, there will be a significant reduction of the time distance which results in a 3 hour travel from Thessaloniki to any of the capitals of the neighboring countries of the South Balkans. This will have profound financial benefit not only for Northern Greece but the whole country.

Egnatia Odos Egnatia Odos SA has undertaken and implemented in parallel to the main road, the management of the study and construction of vertical roads below:

Other Projects

Apart from the above, Egnatia Odos S.A. has undertaken projects in Northern Greece, and interventions with the national and provincial road network associated with Egnatia. In September 2010 responsibilities were given to Egnatia Odos S.A. of the study and construction of new road projects in the regions of Macedonia and Thrace, for the construction of regional roads in urban centers (Kavala, Xanthi and Alexandroupolis). Within this context, important also considered the following:

“Strategic Plan for the Development of Infrastructure of Thessaloniki”

In this context, especially in Central Macedonia, many responsibilities were transferred to E.O.A.E. for the execution of studies and the completion of an important part of the projects that are included in the “Strategic Plan for the Development of Infrastructure of Thessaloniki”. Such responsibilities are the improvement and upgrade of the inner ring road of Thessaloniki, the construction of the outer road ring of Thessaloniki an last the connection with the airport “Macedonia”.

Projects on the islands of North and South Aegean.

Also in September 2010, passed to Egnatia Odos S.A. the responsibility of implementation of port projects, sewerage and waste water treatment, in the Northern Aegean, of a total budget of 95 millionand various infrastructure projects (sewers, wastewater treatment, landfills, roads, water, desalination, Schools, Environment etc. ) in the Southern Aegean, with total budget of about 140 million € (according to the modification of the original CMD, to the Annex of the project in April 2012). These projects should be added to projects or studies undertaken by E.O.A.E. under contracts with local authorities (Ikaria, Syros).

Furthermore, E.O.A.E. assumed the responsibility of project implementation for all regions of the country, such as:

Implementing road safety actions.

The Ministry YPO.ME.DI (Infrastructure Transportation and Networks) developed an Integrated Road Safety Action Plan in national and provincial roads, which was approved in principle by the Commission of Government Major Projects. Implementers of this Program will be the Department of Studies of Road Porjects (DMEO) of G.G.D.E. and Egnatia Odos S.A.
In particular, the Egnatia Odos S.A. undertaken and implemented the first two actions of the program (in terms of short-term and medium-term interventions) involving execution of sixty (60) Projects of Improving Road Safety in all Prefectures of the country's entire national (non Trans European) road network and part of the District road network and eight (8) contracts for Technical Consultants to support the Company, with a total budget of eight (8) million €, and the execution of the projects. E.O.A.E. will participate in the implementation of the third and fourth stage of the Action Plan for Road Safety of the Ministry YPO.ME.DI. The expected completion of the contractual object of these studies is the first half of 2014 with final goal the partial commence of the construction contracts and improvement of road safety bids to Prefecture level, in the first half of 2014

Implementation Actions U.W.D.A. (Uncontrolled Waste Disposal Area)

With CMD 17/02/112 / FN393 GG B 1819 / 12-08-2011 of the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Network and the Minister of Economy and Finance, was given to Egnatia Odos S.A. the opportunity to take the study and construction of U.W.D.A. works of the country apart from the Prefectures of Attiki and West Macedonia, from the legally responsible for the Management of Solid Waste authorities (municipalities) and take the required by the law relevant actions. Currently underway are five (5) contracts for studies of Uncontrolled Waste Disposal Areas and they expected to start in 2014.

Other Activities – Technical Advisor Services

Egnatia Odos S.A. is a dynamic organization, with an efficient and organized structure, advanced expertise and modern management tools. It also has great experience cooperating with foreign constructing companies and International Organizations as experts and human resources (executives) specialized in managing large projects. These advantages

make Egnatia Odos S.A. an organization totally capable of undertaking the project management and construction of other infrastructure projects that take place in Greece and abroad.

Projects abroad

Egnatia Odos S.A. operates the last six years in the department of technical advisory services, outside the Greek borders and to the greater region of Balkans. It takes place in bids and already succeeded in taking contracts for the management and supervision of great projects of infrastructure in Serbia, Romania and Albania.

Furthermore in the context of the Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation undertook the responsibility of the Technical Secretariat for the implementation of the Ring Road of the Black Sea.

Public Works and Concessions

In November of 2012 by JMD D17a / 07/173 / FN380 / 11/14/12 (GG 3017V / 14.11.12) decided the partial withdrawal of the no. AS / 0/28/2 / F.1332 / CMD 2008, which were initially assigned to the Egnatia Odos S.A. responsibilities for the implementation of three projects through concessions, namely:

     Section Raches - Maliakos - Klidi highway of P.A.THE

Central Greece Motorway (E65) from Lamia to Panagia and the maintenance section of P.A.THE from Skarfia to Raches

     Thessaloniki Underwater Tunnel.

In Egnatia Odos S.A. remained the responsibility of the management of pending court cases of the third project.

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